The Small Wonder Area of NA was established July 19, 1986 and currently has
over 45 home groups offering meetings every day, throughout the day.   

 Our mission is to fulfill the Narcotics Anonymous promise:
That an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live.

In support of addicts throughout our community, we offer area-wide NA meetings, activities
and services that bring together both the recovering addict and the newcomer. By sharing
our experience, strength and hope in these and other ways, we carry the message of NA to
the still suffering addict – helping each of us discover the miracle of recovery that has eluded us for
so long: the happiness, joy and freedom of a life without the use of drugs.

                            6 Basic Ways To Stay Clean

1.    Don't pick up that first drug.
2.    Stay away from people, places and things from your 
       active addiction.
3.    Go to 90 meetings in 90 days.
4.    Pray for help in the morning and thank God at night.
5.    Get a sponsor, and follow his or her directions.
6.    Help another addict.

Post Office Box 5429
Wilmington, Delaware 19808 USA
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